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Installing Chrome extensions

- desktop browser only, not supported on mobile

Download trails and rivers in GPX/geoJson format from

NaturalAtlas has digitized forest trails on their USA map. This extension allows you to easily download them in GPX format.

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Note: Every time you open Chrome it may warn you about Developer Mode, just click × to keep Natlas extension enabled.


Open new tab in Chrome and hit key F12
  → in DevTools pane select tab Natlas (if not seen, click button » )
  → click Go to map on the very top, map page will open
  → select a trail/river when pointer is 👆
  → Tracks selected counter will update
  → download GPX or geoJson files from the links.
Press button Clear to start a new selection.


How to view track files

Use some online viewers like these two - geoJson and GPX. Both have a Load Data feature to upload local files. Or upload GPX files into your mobile mapping application, like Gaia. And happy hiking!

Download files from is a great resource for file download, but webpages are set as minefields. One has to endure an avalanche of advertising. The present extension provides an easy interface to play/pause MP3 files or download files.

      Download Extension


Open new tab in Chrome
  → click on the extension icon
  → in the popup, press button Search
  → type a search keyword, choose a link to open its page
  → press Play/Pause or Download

Recommended websites


Download trails & rivers in GPX/geoJson format from Also see GPS, GPX, geojson, KML, map, locations, coordinates, trails, tracks, hiking, mountain biking, orientation, offline maps. How about downloading from without forced advertizing?

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